Doon Business Clinic




Professor : Dr. Vivek Bindra
Designation : Founder and CEO – Bada Business Pvt. Ltd.
  • Category : Guinness World Record
  • User Purchased Count : 38,519


  • Opportunity To Earn 1 To 10 Lakhs Per Month.
  • Opportunity To Be Recognised In Dr Vivek Bindra’s World Record Creating Mass Digital Webinars And Youtube Videos.
  • Market Relevant & Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Product Basket (EAE, PSC & LTM).
  • High Revenue Earning Product For Sales – Case Studies And White-Labelled Learning Management System For Educational Institutions And Businesses.
  • Periodic Webinar By Dr Vivek Bindra.
  • Personalised Micro Website Creating Digital Identity To Facilitate Sales.
  • Digital POS (Point Of Sale) For Taking Payment, Tracking Sales Leads, Generating Payment Links For Customers & Viewing All Account Related Details.
  • Learning Management System For All Product Information, Marketing Collaterals And Growth Through Self-Learning.
  • Complaint Management System (CMS) To Raise Requests & Complaints Or To Give Suggestions.
  • Dedicated IBC Managers To Train On Product & Sales Techniques – How To Generate (Through Digital Marketing Or Other Techniques), Nurture And Close Leads.
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